Getting an Infected Computer Off the Network: How and Why

Computers can get viruses incredibly easily unless they’re protected with a virus protection software. Unfortunately, the software isn’t going to completely protect the computer as new viruses are always being created and the virus protection software needs to be updated before it can combat the new viruses. It’s important for business owners to know how to deal with a computer that has been infected with a virus just in case it ever happens.

As soon as someone notices a computer is infected, it needs to be removed from the business network. If it’s not removed from the network, the virus can spread to more computers in the network, leading to more data that’s compromised, further issues with the computers, and a complete shut-down of the business until repairs are made if every computer is infected with the virus. Additionally, even if just one computer is infected, the longer it’s connected to the network the more information could be stolen from the computer.

Signs of an infection include files disappearing, the computer not seeming to work properly, or the user being locked out of the computer until a ransom is paid. Viruses work differently depending on what specific virus has been installed and can also include pop-up ads for virus repair software which is actually a scam as they created the virus in the first place to generate income from their fraudulent virus repair software. As soon as any signs are noticed, removing the computer from the network is vital.

Wireless computers can be removed from the network by turning off the computer’s wireless internet and disconnecting from the local network. They also need to ensure there are no files being shared between local computers by turning off the ability to share files. Wired computers can be disconnected by simply unplugging the ethernet cord that connects the computer to the internet. If a person isn’t sure how to fully disconnect the computer from the internet, unplugging the entire computer is a good idea.

If you’re a business owner who is dealing with an infected computer, disconnecting it from the network is vital to prevent further issues. Once this is done, contact an expert to help you eliminate the virus and restore anything that’s been deleted from the computer by the virus. This will help get the computer up and running again as quickly as possible.